There are times when you might need to extend the duration of an active job and rehire one or more Cooplers for a new shift.

To do this, you can Add a new shift for a specific worker. Note that after you add a shift for a worker, they’ll be hired automatically. It’s a good idea to plan this new shift with them before you create it, to make sure that they can make it.

If what you need is to create new shifts and advertise them on the marketplace, edit the job, add shifts and specify the number of workers you need.

Add a shift for a worker from the App

You can also add a shift from the Web Platform.

  1. Go to the job list (💼 icon) and select the job you want to edit

  2. Tap on the three dots menu at the top right corner

  3. Then tap on Add shift

  4. Select the worker you want to add, the shift date, the start and end time

  5. Tap on Publish changes

The worker will be hired directly. Please communicate with them before and after you add the shift to make sure they can make it.

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