What is the National Living Wage rate in 2023?

The National Minimum Wage regulations set the lowest rates of pay all UK workers must be paid as a minimum and include the National Living Wage. Following government announcements, the National Living Wage will increase as of 1 April 2023.

At Coople, you will always earn at least the National Living Wage rate - no matter your age.

According to government guidelines, the new National Living Wage rate is as follows:

Current rate: since April 2022

New rate: from April 2023

Increase in %

National Living Wage




What does this mean for you, when working with Coople?

Following 1st of April 2023, you might notice an increase in your hourly wage on the Coople Jobs App to meet the latest National Living Wage requirements. When you work with Coople, you can rest assured that you will always be paid at or above the National Living Wage rate.

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