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What are system emails and why can’t I unsubscribe from them?
What are system emails and why can’t I unsubscribe from them?

System emails are sent automatically to help you navigate the Coople Experience.

Written by Julie Freeman
Updated over a week ago

While some of the notifications and emails we send to you are optional and can be tailored to your needs, system emails are an essential part of our communication with you.

System emails are automated notifications designed to guide you through your registration process and user journey. These include email verification requests, status updates regarding documents you provided on your worker profile, hiring confirmations, and many more important messages regarding your account and activity.

We continuously optimise our system emails in an effort to offer you the right information at the right time. Make sure to read these emails carefully so that you can enjoy the smoothest Coople Experience possible: Keep an eye out for handy tips during your onboarding process, relevant help center article suggestions, and useful product instructions to help you navigate our app and platform.

Since our system emails are a crucial part of your user experience and provide you with valuable information, instructions, and alerts, you cannot opt out of receiving them.

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