Though we hope you run into no issues with your jobs and workers, there may come a time when you need to terminate a Coopler’s assignment. In this case, please contact us at early enough to comply with the applicable notice period (according to the CBA Staff Leasing). The notice periods are as follows:

Duration of assignment

Notice period

Up to 3 months

2 full working days

4-6 months

7 calendar days

7 months or longer

1 month, taking effect on the same day of the following month

We will process all terminations as soon as possible within the following opening hours: Monday–Friday 08:00–16:00

Please note that only within the above-mentioned opening hours a notice of termination is considered to be received by Coople on the day it was sent. We do not process notices of termination over the weekend or after 16:00 on workdays.

In order to observe the notice period (2 full working days) for short assignments (up to 3 months), we need to receive your notice of termination via email 3 working days before the date of termination. Working days are Monday to Friday.

  • Example 1: For a termination to be effective on a Friday, we need to receive your email notice 3 working days before, so by Tuesday, 16:00, at the latest.

  • Example 2: For a termination to be effective on a Tuesday, we need to receive your email notice by Thursday at 16:00 the week before. The 3 working days in this case are Thursday, Friday, and Monday.

In the case of an ongoing assignment, a Coopler can be asked to work during the notice period. Please be aware that notice periods always need to be observed.

Please include the word “Termination” in the subject line to ensure your request is processed quickly and seamlessly. Please do not send terminations directly to personal emails of any Coople employees. Only terminations sent to will be processed.

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