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What can I do to make my jobs more appealing and attract more applicants?
What can I do to make my jobs more appealing and attract more applicants?

Find out how to optimise your jobs and increase your number of applicants.

Written by Julie Freeman
Updated over a week ago

Especially during times of high demand, it’s important to make your jobs stand out in order to attract top talent. We’ve compiled a handy guide with things you can easily implement to improve your chances of hiring – Apply these 9 tips and you won't be short of applicants!

1. Select several job profiles

To reach a wider audience with your jobs, we suggest that you select as many relevant job profiles as you can. This will give your job more visibility and consider more workers with various job profiles.

2. Write a descriptive job title

Your job title is the first thing Cooplers see on the marketplace – so make sure it’s a good one. Try to be concise, while still including the most important aspects and perks, such as the location and duration. This will guarantee more views and likely more applicants.

Here’s an example of a great job title:

Logistics All-rounder (80-100%) August - December

3. Write a detailed job description

Just like your title, the description of your job will help you sell it. Take some time to summarise the nature of the shift, your expectations, and any other things the worker may need to know about the job. Don’t make it too long, but remember: a little effort goes a long way, and a friendly tone will make a good impression on applicants.

4. Offer benefits to stand out

Any perks you can offer Cooplers as part of the job are very likely to put you ahead of the competition. Whether it’s free tickets to a concert or paid-for accommodation, workers will surely appreciate the gesture and remember you as a top hiring company.

Tip: If you offer accommodation or other perks for the job, make sure to include this in the title.

5. Consider offering higher hourly wages

It’s no secret that the hourly wage is a major part of what makes a job competitive. If you’re following all the tips in our guide but are still not receiving many applications, it might be because your offered hourly wages are lower compared to similar jobs on the marketplace. A small adjustment can make a big difference. Try it out.

6. Be proactive and quick to hire workers

Once you’ve received some applications, don’t let them pile up and make the Cooplers wait. Making quick hiring decisions will likely result in Cooplers coming back for your future jobs, and with time, you’ll be able to build a reliable pool of your favourite workers.

Keep in mind that once your job has received a certain number of applications, it will no longer be shown on the marketplace until you’ve declined some of the candidates.

7. Consider splitting long shifts

If your job has particularly long shifts, unusual hours, or several long breaks, consider splitting it and hiring several workers. Two shifts of 5 hours may be easier to fill than one shift of 10 hours, assigned to one person.

8. Keep the requirements simple

The more requirements your job has, the fewer suitable workers will be available. If you require an elaborate dress code, very specific skills, or other unusual prerequisites, chances are that Cooplers will be discouraged to apply.

9. Find the right time to advertise your job

Finding the right time to post and advertise your job can increase your chances of hiring. Try to put up your jobs a few days or weeks in advance, at most. If your job isn’t until December but you’re posting it in September, it’s less likely to receive many applicants and more likely to receive cancellations later on.

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