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How can I let the platform hire workers for me automatically?
How can I let the platform hire workers for me automatically?

Skip the hiring process and fill jobs instantly with our “auto-hire” feature.

Written by Julie Freeman
Updated over a week ago

“Auto-hire” is a feature within the job creator that helps you save time and staff jobs much faster.

When posting a job on our web platform or mobile app, you can choose to enable “auto-hire”. You can find this setting in the “hiring options” section of the job creator.

Instead of vetting and approving candidates who apply for your shifts, you can skip the regular hiring process and allow the platform to automatically hire suitable workers for your jobs.

How does it work?

When “auto-hire” is enabled for your job, workers will be able to hire themselves into it without further approval. They will see the job marked with an “instant hire” tag.

You are in control of who can be hired instantly. Before publishing a job, you can restrict instant hire to specific workers in your pool or allow it to reach eligible workers outside of your pools as well.

Auto-hire can be enabled or disabled for published jobs at any time.

Who can I let the platform hire instantly?

Option 1 (recommended): Trusted Workers

Allow your favourites and suitable workers with a high rating on our platform to be hired instantly.

We highly recommend selecting this option if you are looking for staff urgently. But don’t worry – only Cooplers who fit the criteria for your job, such as job profiles and experience levels, will be able to see it.

Trusted workers include:

  • Your favourites

  • Workers referred by you

  • Private workers

  • Internal workers

  • Suitable workers you’ve never worked with before, but who have a good rating

You can select the private pools and workers of your choice below the two auto-hire options.

Option 2: Selected workers only

Allow only private pools and certain workers of your choice to be hired instantly.

This option ensures that only workers you already know will be able to take your jobs instantly. However, it may limit the number of candidates and take longer to fill the job.

Selected workers only include:

  • Your private pools

  • Specific workers of your choice

See who is eligible to be hired automatically

To give you an idea of who might be hired instantly, we will automatically run an eligibility check of your selected private pools and workers. This will show you who is eligible to take the job, and who may not be able to take it due to scheduling conflicts or other reasons. Keep in mind that even if a worker is deemed eligible for the job, it does not guarantee that they will take it.

This feature is currently only available on web, but will be added to the app soon.

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