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How to change your cancellation handling settings (web only)
How to change your cancellation handling settings (web only)

Decide if and how the platform can automatically hire replacements for you if a worker cancels a shift.

Written by Julie Freeman
Updated over a week ago

At Coople, we rely on a flexible workforce who may at times cancel shifts you’ve hired them for, perhaps for personal reasons or due to sickness.

To ensure that your shifts remain fully staffed, we have a feature which significantly increases your chances of finding a replacement.

IMPORTANT: this feature is only available on our web interface. Currently, you cannot control these settings via the Coople for Business App.

To access your cancellation handling settings via the company profile

  1. Click on your icon and name in the top-right corner.

  2. In the drop-down which appears, click on “Settings”,

  3. You will now see your “Company profile” screen. On it, click on “Hiring options” (see the screenshot below).

  4. You will now see a screen where you specify what should happen if a worker cancels a shift they’ve been hired for.

To access your cancellation handling settings via the job creator

Every time you create a job, you’ll be able to see what cancellation settings exist in your account. This will be visible as a summary just below the “Hiring options”.

To access your cancellation handling settings, simply click on “Edit settings”.

How to change your cancellation handling settings

IMPORTANT: these settings control what happens after a cancellation occurs for any job within your account.

When you access the “Hiring Options”, you will see the following screen (scroll further down to read about the various settings on this screen):

Do you need a replacement?

If the toggle “Replace cancelled shifts” is activated, then our system will begin to look for a replacement after a worker cancels a shift for any of your jobs.

If you do not need a replacement after a cancellation happens, simply:

1. Turn off the toggle.

2. Click “Save” below.

How can a replacement be hired?

Assuming that you want a replacement, you now have two options which determine how you want to hire the replacement. Choose the option which best suits your hiring needs.

1. “Automatic”:

Allow the system to automatically hire qualified workers as a replacement. Our system will try its best to find a replacement as quickly as possible, however, we cannot guarantee that someone will be found.

If a worker does not qualify to be automatically hired, they will still be able to apply for your job, and you can then proceed to hire them manually.

2. “Manual”:

All workers will have to first apply for a cancelled shift, and then you will have to hire them manually.

After you’ve changed your settings, simply click on “Save” below.

How do I control who can be hired “automatically”?

If you have selected the option “Automatic”, you can specify who can be hired automatically.

1. “Trusted Workers” > These are workers who fall into one of the following categories:

  1. Your favourites

  2. Workers you’ve referred to Coople

  3. Your internal workers

  4. A special “Trusted Pool” within Coople (read more about this below)

2. “Selected workers only”:

You specify who exactly can be hired automatically as a replacement. Here, you can either select a certain pool of workers, e.g. your favourites, or you can even specify individual workers you trust the most.

If a worker does not fall into one of the categories you selected above, they will simply apply for your job and you can manually hire them as a replacement. At Coople, we value quality and want to make sure we only hire the best workers automatically.

Also, if your job is set as private, then our system will not allow workers to be hired outside of your selection. This means that even if you select “Trusted Workers” as your automatic replacement default, we will allow only your selected workers as replacements and the “Trusted Pool” will not be used.

What is the “Trusted Pool”?

We have a “Trusted Pool” of workers who we rely on to help us ensure that your shifts remain staffed. These are workers who may not have worked with your business before, but they have:

  1. completed sufficient shifts on our platform within a certain job profile, and

  2. have received very positive ratings for a certain job profile

Based on these two key criteria, our system determines whether a worker can be part of the “Trusted Pool” or not.

To ensure that the “Trusted Pool” has high-quality workers, we encourage you to always rate workers at the end of their shifts.

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