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How can I change my company account notification settings?
How can I change my company account notification settings?

You can control which emails and push notifications you receive via your company account settings.

Written by Julie Freeman
Updated over a week ago

To make sure that you’re always up to date on your hiring process, you can choose to opt in or out of receiving various notifications via the Coople for Business App and via email.

While notifications are a personal preference, we recommend that you keep them enabled so that you’re always informed about the current progress and changes concerning your jobs. Taking quick actions (e.g. hiring workers swiftly after they’ve applied, closing a job once you’ve received enough applicants) improves the experience for Cooplers and will result in a smoother hiring process for your company.

The following notification settings are currently only available on our web platform and may be accessible from the Coople for Business App at a later time.

How to access the notification settings in the Coople web platform:

  • click on the dropdown arrow next to your account name (top right corner).

  • click on “Settings”.

  • navigate to the “Account” tab.

  • click on “Notification settings”.

Here, you’ll be able to select your preferred notifications via the on/off toggles. The settings currently only include hiring-related notifications. Marketing emails can’t be enabled or disabled from this screen at this time.

Important: You can choose to receive notifications related only to jobs published by you, or also jobs published by other users with access to your company account. By default, you currently only receive emails and push notifications about jobs you’ve published via the company account. To receive notifications about jobs published by others, please enable this function in the notification settings.

Tip: If you would like to receive push notifications from the Coople for Business App on your mobile phone, please make sure to enable them in your device settings.

Download the Coople for Business App on the App Store or Google Play Store.

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