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How can Coople help me write successful job descriptions?
How can Coople help me write successful job descriptions?

Our easy-to-use, automated tool can help you craft compelling job descriptions to save you time and attract more Cooplers.

Written by Julie Freeman
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Why are job descriptions important?

Writing a good job description is the first step of a successful hiring process and acts as your letter of introduction for candidates. It should contain all the relevant details about the role, the responsibilities, your company’s work environment, and the benefits you offer beyond the salary.

The more information you provide, the better your chances are of attracting talented workers. We’ve found that companies with detailed job descriptions have an overall higher success rate with more applicants, and candidates consider a prospective company's work environment to be the most important aspect when deciding to apply for a job, right after the salary and distance.

How Coople can help you write successful job descriptions

We do understand that writing job descriptions is one of the more time-consuming parts of the job creation process.

To make this task easier and quicker for you, we’re testing a new tool that can help you get started and create a first draft of your job description – in just a few simple steps.

How to use the job description tool

Important: Our tool is designed to help you write job descriptions. However, please note that the auto-generated content is by no means complete and always needs to be edited and customised to your job before being published.

How can I access and use the job description tool?

  1. Log in to your company account on our Coople web platform.

  2. Click the "Create job" button on the top right hand side of the screen.

  3. The job description section can be found right below the job name.

  4. Type the required information into the text field (job name, rough description in bullet points - more info below in this article).

  5. Click the "Auto-generate" button.

  6. Please give the tool a few moments to generate your text.

  7. Make sure to edit the job description, adjust inaccurate information, and add any missing details before publishing your job.

If you wish, you can continue to write your own job descriptions from scratch as you have in the past. The tool is optional, but recommended as a handy feature to speed up your job creation process and improve your content.

Alternatively, our tool can be used to improve your existing job descriptions – simply hit «Auto-generate» to give your text a fresh edit, make it more compelling, or add some variety if many of your job descriptions are similar!

What information do I need to provide the tool to generate an accurate job description?

  • For each job, the tool takes your public company name, location, and "company information" description into account when generating a job description. Try to have all of these sections filled out in your company profile before getting started, and add details such as work environment, benefits, and values to your public company information. To access this:

    • Click on your icon and name in the top-right corner.

    • In the drop-down which appears, click on "Settings",

    • You will now see your "Company profile" screen where you can edit your public company information.

When creating a job, provide the following information in the job description section:

  • Job name (e.g. "waitress", "bartender", "logistician")

  • Job description: For the best results, please give the tool at least a few bullet points to work with. Try to include general information about the role, responsibilities, and offered benefits such as expensed lunches, break times, etc. The more relevant keywords you can provide, the more accurate your job description will be.


Job Title: Cloakroom attendant

- Cloakroom attendant must efficiently check items and be organised
- Must be bubbly, warm and smiley throughout
- Positive Attitude
- Confident
- Opportunity to work at lively venue
- Free dinner provided during break

Again, the more information is provided, the better the results.

Does the tool have certain limitations that I should be aware of?

Our tool attempts to provide helpful and informative responses, but it's never 100% accurate or perfect. As with any automatically generated content, there is a possibility of inaccuracies. For this reason, we urge you to optimise your job description results by amending any misleading information as well as personalising it more.

Since this tool is in its early stages, it may occasionally have slower loading times or disruptions. If you wish to use it, please bear this in mind.

About the job description tool

What is the job description tool?

At Coople, we aim to use emerging technologies and tools to help our users reach their goals. Our job description tool is based on an artificial intelligence program that can understand and generate natural language.

How does it work?

Our tool has been trained on a massive amount of text data using a machine learning technique called deep learning. It uses this knowledge to generate new text based on what it has learned. The information used to train the tool never includes user data.

We’d appreciate your feedback!

If you enjoy the tool, feel free to leave us some feedback via the "Was it useful?" button so that we can keep improving our product for you.

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