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What are long-term jobs and how can I apply for them?
What are long-term jobs and how can I apply for them?

Find permanent and full-time work on Coople with our long-term job opportunities.

Written by Julie Freeman
Updated over a week ago

In addition to our flexible, short-term gigs, we also offer long-term jobs on our Coople platform.

The number of available long-term jobs may be limited at times. Keep an eye out for more opportunities in the near future!

You’ll find long-term jobs at the top of your Explore tab in the Coople Jobs app:

What is a long-term job?

  • Can range from several months to several years (including permanent and full-time opportunities)

  • Requires long-term commitment to the job and company

  • Requires a longer application process, usually with several stages

How can I apply for long-term jobs?

  1. Read the job description carefully to learn about the hiring process

  2. Make sure your profile and CV are up to date and tailored to the job, or upload your CV if you haven’t done so already

  3. Submit your application


  • Any long-term jobs you’ve applied for will not appear in the app along with your other job applications (this feature will be added soon)

  • Instead, Coople will contact you directly via email or phone

  • If you click “not interested” on a long-term job, you will not be able to find it in the app again (this feature will be added soon)

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