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What do I need to consider when publishing a job in advance and when does it make sense to schedule it?
What do I need to consider when publishing a job in advance and when does it make sense to schedule it?

Learn why you should hire quickly, when you should schedule a job instead of publishing it directly, and how to use our scheduling tool.

Written by Julie Freeman
Updated over a week ago

The importance of prompt hiring and minimising applicant waiting time

When publishing a job ahead of time, it is important not to delay the hiring of applicants. Once your job is live and you receive your first applications, you should review and hire candidates within two to three days at most.

Minimising your applicants’ waiting time has the following advantages:

  • Fewer cancellations: Long waiting times can be frustrating for Cooplers and cause them to withdraw their applications. Or they may make other plans in the meantime and no longer be available by the time you hire them, causing them to cancel immediately

  • Higher commitment and engagement from workers: Quick response and hiring times improve our Cooplers’ experience and lead to higher dedication

If you would like to set up your job ahead of time but are not ready to start hiring candidates for it, you can make use of our new scheduling tool.

Our solution: Job scheduling

To optimise your hiring efficiency and improve our workers’ experience, our tool will suggest scheduling your job for an optimal time if your first shift starts in 7 or more days.

This allows you to set up your jobs in advance, whenever it is convenient for you, and delay their publishing date - giving you enough time to finalise all hiring details before receiving applicants.

The feature is optional, but recommended whenever you are not ready to start hiring yet. It will only be available if your job starts in 7 or more days.

How to schedule a job

If you are creating a job via our web platform that starts in 7 or more days, you will see a scheduling option at the bottom of the job creator:

If your job starts in fewer than 7 days, you will not see these options.

Option 1 - Schedule (Recommended if you are not ready to hire within 48 hours)

Your job will be published on a recommended date.

If the indicated start date of your job exceeds 7 days, we will recommend an ideal publishing date for you. This feature aims to optimise your hiring efficiency and reduce the number of last-minute cancellations.

The suggested date allows for enough time to receive, review, and hire all the applicants needed for your shifts.

At this time it is not possible to schedule your job for a date of your choice - it can only be scheduled for the recommended optimal date.

Option 2 - Publish now

Your job will be published immediately.

You can publish your job instantly even when it starts in 7+ days, however, we recommend hiring candidates immediately after receiving applications. Publishing your job but waiting to hire until closer to the start date significantly increases your chances of cancellations.

If you choose to schedule your job as recommended, you will receive an email and push notification 24 hours before the job is set to be published.

You can edit a scheduled job at any time and publish it immediately or unschedule it by moving it to the drafts. Once in the drafts, it can be edited and republished.

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