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What is the Code of Conduct for Cooplers?
What is the Code of Conduct for Cooplers?

This Code of Conduct outlines the key behaviours expected from you when you work as a Coopler.

Written by Julie Freeman
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As a Coopler, you represent Coople at every job you do. Therefore, your professionalism and conduct are essential to our joint success and reputation.

This Code of Conduct outlines the key behaviours expected from you working as a Coopler:


  • You always exhibit a professional demeanor in terms of appearance, behaviour, and attitude.

  • You always complete your jobs to your best abilities.

  • You are always courteous to colleagues, clients, and Coople employees. Respect and consideration are crucial.


  • You only cancel in case of emergencies. No-shows will not be tolerated.

  • In case of an emergency, you always cancel through the app, providing relevant information and proof for the reason of your cancellation.

  • You always commit to the full length of selected shifts or the entire duration of a temporary job before applying.

  • You always withdraw your applications for flexible and temporary jobs should you no longer be available for the required dates / times.

Communication with hiring companies

  • You communicate any issues you have to Coople, we are here to help. Only contact hiring companies directly if specifically asked to do so by Coople.

  • Should you receive a direct contract offer from a hiring company, you need to inform Coople about it in all cases. Should you be interested in the offer, we will support the process to make sure the potential contractual handover is done correctly.


  • You always look at journey times and location before applying for jobs.

  • You always aim to arrive well before (10 or 30 minutes depending on the location) the start time of the job, to ensure that you can start on time. This way you will always be on time. Punctuality is key.

  • Should you encounter delays due to travel outages, you are expected to report possible delays to Coople as well as the contact person on the job description.

Additional sector and job-relevant expectations


  • You hold additional responsibility as the hospitals and homes as well as their patients' wellbeing depend on your reliability. Please notify us at least 24 hours before the shift if you are feeling unwell and think you may not be able to attend.

  • You are expected to regularly report Criminal records (Strafregisterauszüge) and/or Special excerpts from the Swiss criminal records (Sonderprivatauszüge) or allow us to request a new one on a yearly basis to ensure the safety of patients.

Hospitality & Events

  • Uniform and grooming standards must be followed at every job. If you are sent home for not abiding by uniform requirements, you are not entitled to pay.

  • You are expected to respect safety and hygiene protocols.

Technical professionals including logistics

  • You are expected to meet safety standards, including necessary apparel, as indicated in the job descriptions. If you are sent home for not abiding by uniform requirements, you are not entitled to pay.

  • You are expected to complete required trainings on workplace safety and hygiene supported by us.

  • Should the work environment not be safe, or your break and rest times not be respected, please report back to us.

Temporary Jobs

  • In the case that your hours and shifts are organised by the hiring company (client), you always inform the responsible manager as well as Coople in case of absences.

  • Similarly, you'll inform us about scheduled absences (e.g. holidays).

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