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What do I do if my QR code isn’t scanning?

If you’re having problems with your QR code, you can always submit your hours manually.

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Before showing the QR code on your phone to your employer, make sure to display it clearly at the center of your screen, turn the luminosity up and turn the blue light filter off. This should make the scanning smoother and quicker.

If you’re still having difficulties scanning your QR code, no need to panic. You can always submit your hours manually, within 6 hours of completing your shift.

Forgot to submit your hours manually? We’ll send them automatically to your supervisor, 6 hours after the end of your shift. (Please note that after we send your hours for you, you won’t be able to make adjustments, so please make sure you change your hours and submit them within the six hours’ window.)

To know more about how to submit your hours, we’ve got this handy article for you.

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