Frequently asked questions
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Paternity allowance (paternity leave) / compensation for the child mother's wife (same-sex marriage)
Care allowance for children with a serious health condition
Current social security deductions from your wage
How old do I have to be to work through Coople?
What is the fund for loss of earned income for service assignments, e.g. military?
Termination of an employment contract—what do I have to know?
As a Coopler, how much money am I entitled to for my further education and how can I apply for it?
I have a foreign nationality and would like to work via Coople. What do I have to consider?
Am I entitled to family allowance, and how can I get it?
How to keep track of your pending applications
What are system emails and why can’t I unsubscribe from them?
What is maternity allowance (maternity leave) and who is entitled to it?
How can I view and apply for jobs I've marked as “not interested”?
How is my accident insurance (occupational or non-occupational) at Coople regulated?
How can I customise the notifications and emails I receive as a worker?
I don't have an OASI (AHV) number. What can I do?
I had an accident. What do I have to do?
What is my daily allowance insurance with Coople? How can I get illness benefits?
Refund of OASI (AHV) contributions
Why can’t I see the Coople Jobs App?
Why can’t I sign into my Coople Jobs App?
When do I get feedback on open applications?
Who decides if I am hired for a job?
Coople’s zero tolerance policy for gross misconduct
How long does it take until I get hired for the first time?
My account has been deactivated. What shall I do?
What to do in an emergency
I would like to delete my Coople account. How can I do that?
I'm receiving unemployment benefits and am enrolled at the RAV! Where can I declare that?
What do I do if my QR code isn’t scanning?
I am sick. What do I have to do?