It’s important you send your hours to Coople so that we can pay you for your worked time. Each company decides how you can send your hours. Before you start your shift, it’s essential you ask your supervisor how you can submit your worked hours through the Coople Job App.

Submit your hours manually

Follow these steps to submit your worked hours to Coople at the end of your shift. Your supervisor will review them to make sure they’re correct. After they approve them, we’ll be able to pay you for your worked hours:

  1. Open the Coople Job App on your phone
  2. Tap on your Dashboard
  3. Scroll down to see your Next shifts
  4. Tap on Check-in/out
  5. Register your Start time and End time. Include any breaks you take
  6. Review the Shift duration and Total hours. Make any adjustments if necessary
  7. Tap Submit hours

All done! Your supervisor will review and approve your hours. We’ll make payment right afterwards.

How can I submit my worked hours using a QR code?

How can I submit my worked hours?

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