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How do I protect myself against accidents?
How do I protect myself against accidents?

Important advice for working safety and health protection! What can you do in case of an accident?

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The health and safety of you - and the entire Coople community - is very important to us and has the highest priority. That's why we inform our cooplers and companies regularly about the topics work safety and health protection.

Please always follow these guidelines to ensure your safety at work:

  • Always work cautiously (recognize potential safety hazards)

  • Stay vigilant (always keep an eye on your work environment)

  • Be mindful (never disregard hazard preventions)

Please follow this procedure in case of an accident:

  • Secure the accident scene and any injured people

  • Administer first aid, take care of the injured, and in more serious cases call an ambulance or emergency physician

  • Inform your superior or the person who's responsible at the scene

  • Inform us, as we are your employer

Here you can find further information on these topics:

Don't hesitate to contact us in case you have any further questions regarding this topic!

Stay safe!

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