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I would like to delete my Coople account. How can I do that?
I would like to delete my Coople account. How can I do that?

You can deactive or delete your Coople account if you're not hired in a Coople job.

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We hate to see you go and are saddened of your decision to leave the Coople community. Therefore, we're always there to listen to your feedback, which can be considered during product development.

If we can't change your mind, you can of course delete or deactivate your Coople account through the Coople Jobs App.

When deactivating your Coople account, the job requests will be turned off and you won't be receiving any e-mail notifications anymore. With this option, your ratings from your hiring companies are preserved in case you choose to continue using the Coople Jobs App in the near future again.

When deleting your Coople account, all your personnal data is irreversibly deleted, provided that you have never completed a job before. In case you have completed a Coople job, we are legally and fiscally obligated to save all data concerning your jobs and the according compensation - including the account holder's personal information - in accordance with the privacy policy for at least 5 years. Subsequently, this information will be irreversibly deleted as well.

If you wish to delete your Coople account you can easily do this in the Coople Jobs App. If you have no active assignments, meaning you're not currently hired, go to the app settings, enter your e-mail address and password and click on delete my account.

If you have any active applications or are hired for a job and still want to delete your account, please contact us via so we can help you.

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