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How can I create a job? Coople for Business App.
How can I create a job? Coople for Business App.
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Creating a job with Coople is free and only takes a few minutes. You can create a job from scratch, use one of your saved templates or use one of your recently created jobs.

Let’s Create a new job from scratch from your mobile device. You can also create jobs from the Coople Web Platform.

1. Tap Create new job

2. Then choose the job profiles you want to find

Job profiles are the roles there are available in Coople. For some job profiles, you will have to select an experience level: Novice, Intermediate or Expert.

You can choose as many job profiles as you want. These can be with different experience levels.

Tap ‘Add job role’ to continue adding more job profiles.

Novice 0-6 months experience.

Intermediate 6 months – 3 years’ experience.

Expert 3+ years of experience.

You can have multiple job profiles per job with your required experience level.

3. Set the wage, then tap on Continue

4. Now select the preferred Expertise and Skills of your worker

Select the most relevant ones to the job to attract qualified candidates. Tap Continue

5. Choose the Dress code and any additional clothing requirements. Tap Continue

Tap ‘Create uniform’ if you need your worker to wear specific colour clothing items, like ‘black trousers’ or ‘white shirt’ or ‘black shoes’.

6. Select the shift dates, the start and finish times, the break duration and the number of workers. Then tap on Create shift

7. Create additional shifts by tapping on the plus button at the top right of the screen. Tap Continue when you are finished

Double check that your shift dates, times and number of workers are correct. If you have made a mistake tap the ‘X’ next to the shift to delete it.

8. Select Address and Meeting point. Make sure to be as detailed as possible

9. Add a Contact person

You can select yourself or add a new person.

Select Continue

10. Tell us about the job, Job description and Health and Safety information

When you are done, select Continue

11. Almost there! Review the entire job again to make sure all details are correct

12. Once you scroll to the bottom of the page you will see the option of ‘Who will see this job?’

You can send your jobs to your previously hired workers or your favourite workers, once you build up your favourites’ pool.

You can choose to make this job private so only your favourite workers will see it. You can also choose to auto hire your favourite workers.

13. Finally, Publish Job

Make sure you tick ‘Save as template’. It will be saved into your templates for the next time you need to post a job.

What happens after you publish the job?

Cooplers will be able to see your job on their Coople App and apply for one or multiple shifts.

We will send you an email and in-app notification when you have enough applicants. If you don’t make a hire soon, you will get daily reminders to make sure you get the best workers.

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