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How can I create a job?

Create a job from the Coople Web Platform in minutes.

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Creating a job with Coople is free and only takes a few minutes. You can create a job from scratch, use one of your saved templates or use one of your recently created jobs. If you prefer to use your phone, you can create jobs from the Coople for Business App.

Create a job from the Coople Web Platform

Select the button Create Job at the top of the main screen to get started.

Follow these steps to create a complete job that attracts top talent:

1. Writing a Job description

The first thing you need to do is write a name for your job

Make the Job name short and clear so that Cooplers can quickly understand the type of job you offer. For example:

  • Expert Mixologist.

  • Picker & Packer.

  • Customer Service Agent.

All your recently created jobs that you published and saved templates appear here after you start typing the job name.

The second thing you need to do is to write a compelling Job description

Make the Job description attractive. Define the key responsibilities you want the worker to have and your preferred requirements. Include details about the location, teammates or experience level that can make the job stand out. For example, here is a great job description for a Waiter / Waitress:

We are looking for skilled and friendly waiters/waitresses for our high-end, cocktail bar at Heron Tower in London.

Your responsibilities: Take orders, Prepare and set tables, Serve food and beverages, Carry out various cleaning tasks.

Your key competencies: Previous experience in hospitality, Friendly and open-minded, Strong customer-oriented mindset.

Next, add a Contact person

This is a required step. The contact person must be able to answer any questions the workers have about the job. You can always add yourself or choose another person in your business who is registered with Coople.

Choose the Dress code

Show Cooplers the clothes you want them to wear at work with the Dress code options. You can always select Uniform provided if you have your own uniform, or Create Uniform and put it together from the Clothing items menu.

If you have any additional clothing requirements, you can add them into the Additional clothing box.

Add Health and Safety information

Use the Health and Safety information box to describe in detail your health and safety warnings and measures.

Add Additional information

Let workers know about Access restrictions and Facilities available to them by clicking on the relevant box. You can also use Tags to make it easier for you to find this job in the future in the Active jobs list.

2. Selecting the Skills and Salary

To make sure you get the right people for your job, it’s important you select a Job profile. These are the role or roles you can hire for in Coople. When Cooplers create their profiles, they also select job profiles and their experience level. This helps us connect you with the right workers.

We added Expertise and Skills to the most used job roles. You will see them after you select the job role and can choose the most relevant ones to the job by tapping on them. This helps you make your job more specific and match you with the Cooplers who are best suited for this particular position.

Now select the Experience you want your worker to have

You can use the following suggestions to guide you when you need to choose an experience level.

Beginner: 0-6 months experience

Intermediate: 6 months-3 years’ experience

Expert: 3+ years’ experience

Note that not all jobs will require you to define the experience level.

Then choose the Wage

The hourly wage box will automatically display a Recommended wage based on the role and the experience level you choose. You can adapt it using the plus and minus icons. Hiring under the National Minimum Wage is not permitted.

We also display an Hourly cost which will change if you adapt the hourly wage. The hourly cost is your total cost per hour for hiring an individual Coopler.

We advise you to stay in line with what you pay your permanent employees. Also, if you have an urgent job, consider paying more per hour than usual to attract applications.

If your job requires an allowance such as for meals or travel cost you can add in the Allowances box and select whether it should be paid per hour, shift or for the whole job.

You can also select specific skills such as Languages or Driving licenses.

3. Create Shifts

In order to schedule the Shifts for your job, select the Dates when you need workers. You can then adjust the Start and End times, the Break and say how many people you need for a specific shift. Breaks are unpaid and must be at least 20 minutes for every 6 hours of work.

Notice two buttons just under the calendars: Add PO number and Edit multiple shifts. We recommend you add the Purchase Order Number (PO Number), it will make your accounting easier in the future. You can also always create and Edit multiple shifts.

If you can’t see any dates or times, press Show Shifts under the calendar.

4. Choose the Location

Your company address appears as an address suggestion. You can also add an address to your job and specify a meeting point if needed. For example, if you are requesting workers for a warehouse, you can write 'Meet us next to the red, metal door at the right of the main entrance' in this text box.

5. Invite applicants

From here, you can send your job request to groups of workers: Favourites, Previously Hired, Private or any other group you create. To do this, select Invite specific groups and choose the relevant one from the drop-down menu.

If you only want to send the job to these workers, please tick Make this job private so that your job will only go to that specific group or person.

Note that you will only be able to use this feature after you have hired people and made the best Cooplers your favourites.

If you want to invite individual workers to your job, all you have to do is click on Invite specific workers and type their name.

That’s it, you are ready to publish your job!

Make sure you review all the information, including your Estimated cost. Click on Publish to post your job, or hit Publish and save as a template. When you save as a template, you will be able to find all the information you created next time.

What happens after you publish the job?

Cooplers will be able to see your job on their Coople Job App and apply for one or multiple shifts.

We will send you an email and in-app notification when you have enough applicants. If you don’t make a hire soon, you will get daily reminders to make sure you get the best workers.

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