When Cooplers finish their shift, they can send their working hours within 6 hours from the end of their shift.

You will receive a notification to review their working hours. You can Approve their reported times, make adjustments to the Start, End time and break, or report that the worker didn’t show up.

We will only process payment for Cooplers after you approve their hours. Please try to review the hours as soon as possible so that we can pay Cooplers on time.

You can also set up a QR code to automatically register and approve the check in and check out times of Cooplers.

Reviewing hours from the Coople for Business App

Access: you can review hours from...

  1. The Dashboard

  2. The Review hours tab

Approving hours shift by shift

  1. Open a shift

  2. Tap on a worker

  3. Review the Start and End time, as well as the break duration

  4. Click on Approve shifts to finish

Approving hours in bulk

  1. Open a shift

  2. Tap the tick box to the right of the shift date, time and break duration

  3. Tap on Approve

Editing the reported hours

Cooplers know they need to report their hours accurately. If for some reason, the hours that a Coopler sends are different from the actual worked hours, you can edit them before you approve them:

  1. Open a shift

  2. Tap on a worker

  3. Tap on the details you need to adjust. You can change the Date, Start and End time, and Break duration

  4. Adjust the date and the hours. This is useful if you agreed with the worker an earlier start date or time. Also if the worker had to leave early but reported their full planned hours.

  5. Click on Approve

We will send any reduction in hours to the worker so they have the opportunity to dispute them.

Reporting an absence

If a Coopler doesn’t come to work but sends their hours you can Report their absence. Follow the next steps:

  1. Open a shift

  2. Tap on a worker

  3. Tap on Worker didn’t show up?

  4. Select a reason from the drop-down menu

  5. Then tap on Report absence

We will delete the worker from the shift and they won’t receive payment.

Status of Working hours

When you open an active job, you can see one of these statuses on every shift:

  • Hours pending: the worker needs to send their worked hours. If they don’t do so within the 6 hours after the end of their shift, we will send report them automatically

  • Unreported: this is the status you see when we have reported the hours automatically because the Coopler forgot or wasn’t able to do so

  • Review hours: the worker has sent their hours and you need to review them

  • Approved: this is the status you see after you have approved the working hours

Rating Cooplers

After the worker's last shift in the job, you will be asked to give them a rating out of four stars:

One star- very poor

Two star- below average

Three star- good

Four star- amazing

Please make sure you complete this step. It rewards good work and helps great Cooplers find more jobs in the future.

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