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Right to Work check for non-UK / non-Irish nationals
Right to Work check for non-UK / non-Irish nationals

We need to verify your Right to Work before you get hired and paid.

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Prove your Right to Work as a non-UK / non-Irish national

  1. Prepare your documents

We need to verify all these documents.

  • Your passport or national ID


  • Your Right to Work document. This is your government ‘share code’ that proves your Right to Work.

A share code is a unique code used to prove your Right to Work in the UK for non-UK / non-Irish nationals. It is made of 9 alphanumeric characters like W33 P9K ZMH and lasts 90 days. You can generate your personal share code here.

When you’re done, please take a screenshot or a picture of the share code. You will need to upload it to the app as your Right to Work document.

Please note: you can upload your share code written on a piece of paper, typed out, or as a screenshot – the format does not matter as long as we can read it.

2. Complete your online Right to Work check

First, add your documents to your profile

  1. Open the Coople Jobs App

  2. Tap on Profile

  3. Tap on Documents, then add a photo of your passport or national ID card

  4. Go back, then tap on Right to Work and add a photo of your preferred document

Follow these tips to add a photo of your documents

  • If you’re adding your passport, please take a photo of the biometric details page. This is the page where your full name and photograph are visible.

  • If you’re adding your Biometric Residence permit card, please add a photo of the front and the back of the document.

  • Make sure that the text in all your documents is clear and easy to read before adding them to your Profile

  • Retake the photos if the information is difficult to read

Secondly, start your online Right to Work check

Once you’ve uploaded your documentation, you can start your online Right to Work check from the app. You will see the following message:

Tap on it and get started!

You’ll need to show the same documents that you uploaded to your profile. Please have a good internet connection, good lighting, and follow the instructions carefully.

What happens next?

A member of our team will verify your Right to Work details. This usually takes less than 24 hours during weekdays, and we'll send you an email once this is done. If we have any problems during the verification process, we'll get in touch via the app.

Once we verify your Right to Work, you will be able to apply for jobs that suit your profile.

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