What is a share code and how can I get one?

Learn how to obtain a share code in order to prove your Right to Work as a non-UK / non-Irish national.

Written by Julie Freeman
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What is a share code?

A share code is a unique code used to prove your Right to Work in the UK for non-UK / non-Irish nationals. It is made of 9 alphanumeric characters like W33 P9K ZMH and lasts 90 days.

Obtaining a share code as a non-UK / non-Irish national

Before you can work with Coople, the UK government requires us to check your share code in order to prove your Right to Work status.

What you need to do:

  1. Obtain your share code by visiting the gov.uk website.

  2. The share code is 9 digits long and you can share it with us by uploading a screenshot or photo of it to your profile:

    • Go to the “Work permit” section of your profile

    • Scroll down the drop-down menu and select “Right to Work document” and upload the document

    • Alternatively, you can send us your share code via email to info@coople.com

    • You can upload your share code written on a piece of paper, typed out, or as a screenshot – the format does not matter as long as we can read it.

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