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How can I send my working hours to get paid?
How can I send my working hours to get paid?

You can send your working hours manually after your shift or use a QR code to register your hours automatically.

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It’s important you send your hours to Coople so that we can pay you for your worked time. Each company decides how you can send your hours. Before you start your shift, it’s essential you ask your supervisor how you can send your worked hours through the Coople Jobs App.

First things first, there are three different ways you can send us your hours:

  1. Manually, after your shift: this is the most popular method, and it’s likely you’ll have to send your worked hours manually via the Coople Jobs App. Once your supervisor approves them, we’ll make payment.

  2. Showing a QR code on your mobile phone: your supervisor will scan the QR code to register your check-in and check-out times. There’s nothing else you need to do. We’ll receive your hours automatically.

  3. Scanning a QR code with your mobile phone: your supervisor will have the QR code displayed on a digital device or on a sheet of paper. You need to scan it to register your check-in and check-out times. That’s all you need to do, we’ll receive your hours automatically.

Let’s look at your options in detail:

What happens if I don’t send my working hours?

If we’ve not received your worked times six hours after the end of your shift, we’ll send them automatically to the company you worked with. Your supervisor will review them and make any adjustments if necessary. After they approve them, we’ll be able to send payment.

Note that after we send your hours for you, you won’t be able to make adjustments. If you need to add any extra time to your shift, make sure you report your hours within the six hours’ window we give you.

What happens if my working hours are different from my planned hours?

You always have the option to change your Start time and End time when you send your hours.

  • If you’ve been late for work, adjust your Start time

  • If you’ve worked extra hours, add them by changing your End time

Note that your supervisor will review your reported hours. If they don’t agree with the hours you send, they’ll change them accordingly. You can always dispute this decision by getting in touch with us.

Go to your Coople Jobs App. Tap on Profile > Settings > Help Centre

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