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How do I change my hours before submitting them?
How do I change my hours before submitting them?

If you’ve worked more (or less) hours than planned, make sure you edit them on the app before submitting them.

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Did you do an extra shift, had to go home early or stayed behind to help your team finish things off? Then don’t forget to edit your hours before reporting them.

This way we can make sure you’re being paid for all the hours you’ve actually worked.

All you need to do is:

  • Open the Coople Jobs app

  • Go to Schedule (calendar icon)

  • Find the job or shift you want to change

  • Then tap on Report hours

  • Change the start and end time, as well as the break duration using the time pickers

  • Tap Submit shift

Yes, it’s that easy.

Please note: you can report your hours from the Home screen but can only change them from the Schedule.

What happens next?

The company will check your hours before approving them. If they disagree with your changes, you have the right to dispute their decision at any time. Please chat to us via the Help Centre.

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