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My account has been deactivated. What shall I do?
My account has been deactivated. What shall I do?

If you think our decision was unjustified, you have 5 days to launch an appeal.

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Here’s why we might have decided to deactivate your account:

  1. You cancelled several missions and received three strikes, like outlined in our strike policy.

  2. You did a no-show (not turning up for work without cancelling your shift beforehand).

  3. You’re being investigated for allegations of gross misconduct.

If you have extenuating circumstances or believe our decision was unjustified, please launch an appeal. You have 5 days from the moment your account is deactivated to do so.

What happens next?

Our team will carefully review your case. Once we've made our decision, you'll receive an email with the results of your appeal. We’ll work hard to get back to you as soon as possible but please be patient, as these things take time and we want to make sure our decision is fair.

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