As a staff leasing company, Coople is subject to the CBA Staff Leasing. The CBA Staff Leasing determines that wage and working time provisions of generally applicable collective labour agreements must be observed. The N-CLA of the hospitality industry has been declared generally valid by the Federal Council, which is why Coople and the employment companies that are subject to the N-CLA must apply it.

Below you will find the currently applicable minimum wages of the N-CLA. Cantonal minimum wages override these provisions if they are higher than the minimum wages of the N-CLA. This is the case in the canton of Geneva.

The hourly wages listed in the table include the supplements according to the N-CLA for holidays (10.65%, equivalent to 25 working days), public holidays (2.27%) and the 13th month's wage (8.33%). Detailed information on the individual components can be found in the N-CLA contract.

The definitions of the wage classes (e.g. unskilled, with professional experience, skilled) are taken directly from the N-CLA.


Minimum wages based on the N-CLA

Hourly wage incl. holiday supplement (10.65%, equivalent to 25 working days), public holidays (2.27%) and 13th month's wage (8.33%). These percentages are derived from Art. 12 N-CLA (13th month's wage), Art. 17 N-CLA (holidays) and the N-CLA commentary on Art. 18 (holidays).

Gross hourly wage


(Workers without apprenticeship training, level Ia)


Geneva: 27.09

With professional experience

(Workers with two-year professional basic training who have a federally recognised professional certificate or equivalent form of training, level II)


Geneva: 27.09


(Workers with professional basic training who have a federal certificate of proficiency or equivalent form of training level IIIa)


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