Employees are entitled to a refund of their OASI contribution if they earn less than CHF 2’300.- (gross) per year. Citizens who have already reached retirement age but are still working also qualify for a refund.

If your annual income is less than CHF 2’300.- by 31st of December of this year, Coople will automatically refund your OASI contributions. The refund will be made to your account by the end of January, immediately after we have completed the tax declaration and payment with the relevant authorities in Switzerland.

Please make sure that your payment information in your Coople profile is up to date and check if you have received the refund of your OASI contributions in your account by the beginning of February.

How to check, change or add your payment information

1. Open the Coople Jobs App.

2. Tap the navigation menu on the top right.

3. Go to Settings > My account > Payment details.

Can I make a voluntary OASI contribution?

Of course, you can also pay the OASI contribution voluntarily at any time to contribute to your pension and disability insurance.

If your annual income does not exceed CHF 2’300.- and you would still like to make a voluntary AHV contribution, please send us an e-mail. We will then make the appropriate correction in our documents and calculate your OASI contributions as requested.

If you are entitled to a refund of your OASI contributions but you do not contact us regarding voluntary contributions until the end of the year, you will automatically receive the reimbursement of your OASI contributions in your account by the end of January.

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