Status of the information: 01/05/2022

For your jobs at Coople, you will be paid a net wage every month. The following wage deductions are currently made from the gross wage stated on your payslip:

% Deduction from gross wage



AHV/IV/EO (old-age and survivors' insurance, disability insurance, income replacement scheme)



ALV (unemployment insurance); deduction on annual salary up to CHF 148,200

(ALV 2 (deduction on annual salary over CHF 148,200))


NBU (non-occupational accident)


KTG (daily sickness benefits insurance)


BVG (occupational benefit plan); contributions dependent on age and BVG obligation; more information here


GAV (CLA) contribution for enforcement and further training costs

These deductions are based on the legal requirements. In case of changes, you will find the updated information here. Changes take place irregularly, but usually on 01 January.

These deductions are calculated independently of the compulsory deductions. At the end of a calendar year, at the latest, Coople checks whether the deductions were necessary for the worker individually and reimburses you for any excess contributions deducted no later than 3 months after the start of the following calendar year.

Please note that, while you may not see it on your payslip, Coople (as your legal employer) also contributes to your social insurance. For AHV, BVG, KTG and ALV, 50% of the contributions are paid by us.

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