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What are favourite pools and how do I use them?
What are favourite pools and how do I use them?

Learn how to build and use favourite pools to have a reliable workforce at your fingertips.

Written by Julie Freeman
Updated over a week ago

Are you struggling with last-minute staff shortages? Or do you manage several jobs with unique candidate requirements? Streamline your hiring process with our "favourite pools" feature: Build personalised groups of top performers to re-hire quickly and effortlessly, saving you the hassle of sifting through applicants and finding the right fit in time. Companies who use favourite pools have more than 90% job coverage on average.

Learn more to start building your own reliable workforce.

How can favourite pools help improve my hiring success?

Build and maintain professional relationships:

  • Reward your top performers by adding them to your favourites.

  • Cultivate long-term relationships with Cooplers you know you can trust.

  • Customise jobs and send invites directly to your desired favourite pools, avoiding applications from unknown workers.

Quicker and consistent hiring:

  • Re-hiring workers from a reliable pool of favourites will help you fill jobs up to 40% quicker than if you were to review and hire new applicants.

  • Cooplers appreciate fast hiring decisions after applying for a job - it encourages them to continue working with you.

Proactive talent acquisition:

  • Proactively search for the best talent instead of waiting for and reviewing new candidates repeatedly. This will also help ensure that you always have high-rated Cooplers at hand.

  • Build a talent reservoir that aligns with your company's evolving needs and create pools based on skills, job type, or any criteria that matters to you.

Plan ahead and support your core team with additional staff:

  • Strategically use your flexible worker pools as fill-ins for your core team to stay prepared in times of high demand or sudden shortages.

  • This can be especially vital in sectors like healthcare, where a prepared talent pool can be a lifeline during crises.

What are the advantages of creating multiple pools?

In some cases, it can be useful to create and maintain several different worker pools.

For example, if you manage jobs and teams in different sectors, you can build a pool for each required skill set or level of experience. This way, you’ll already have access to a group of workers with specific talents to hire regularly or support you during last-minute shortages.

If a Coopler you have worked with has done a great job, you can mark them as a personal favourite. Certain pools/groups are created automatically based on who you’ve worked with:

  • Previously hired

  • Your favourites (based on the “favourite” feature)

  • Referred by me

  • Internal employees

In addition, you can create and name groups of workers yourself. Only previously hired and internal workers can be added to groups.

When creating a job, you can choose to only make it available to certain groups so that you'll only receive applications from the workers you trust the most.

You can also create targeted jobs and invite individual workers to apply, e.g. specific favourites or certain members of a group you’ve created.

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