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What learning and development opportunities do I have as a Coopler?
What learning and development opportunities do I have as a Coopler?

As a worker, you can access offers on online courses and trainings to develop your skills.

Written by Julie Freeman
Updated over a week ago

Did you know that you get access to learning and development opportunities when you work through Coople?

We’re always looking to improve your experience and support you in finding work.

Below are some of the programmes we offer. You can find them in the Account section of your Coople Jobs app under Learning and development:

We’ve partnered with an e-learning provider to enable you to up-skill and develop your career. Get great discounts on online courses in health & safety, customer service, food hygiene, and more useful topics. These discounts are only available to Cooplers!

Once you’ve completed courses, you’ll receive accredited certificates that can help you land new jobs. Some jobs on our marketplace require certain skills and certifications for you to apply, so don’t forget to upload the certificates to your profile! Having a range of credentials can significantly increase your chances of being hired.

Of course you can also use your certificates outside of your work with Coople.

Health & Safety Training

At Coople, your safety is our top priority. We’ve created a free, 5-minute training for you to learn more about workplace safety and accident response procedures. Certain jobs will require you to complete it, but it’s relevant for anyone attending work.

You can check it out here or access it anytime via the “Learning and development” section in your app.

Check out all of our learning and development offers and claim them now. Enjoy!

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