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How can I create a worker account with Coople?
How can I create a worker account with Coople?

Download the Coople Jobs App, select your country and language and complete the registration

Written by Norman Eppenberger
Updated over a week ago

Download the Coople Jobs App

Coople is available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

  1. Go to your preferred app store

  2. Search for “Coople”

  3. Tap to download the Coople Jobs App. Make sure you download Coople Jobs and not Coople for Business.

Create a free account

Coople never charges workers for creating an account or getting jobs. Here’s how to create your worker account:

  1. Open the Coople Jobs App

  2. Select your country and language

  3. Tap on Create an account

  4. Enter the information we need to register you as a worker

  5. Tap on Create account

We’ll send you an email to the address you’ve given us to confirm your account. Tap on Confirm email when you receive it.

That’s it, you now have your Coople worker account! Next:

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