How do I create a great profile?

Follow these steps to create a great worker profile on Coople.

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If you want to make sure you get hired, it's important to have a great profile. Here is our guide on how to make your profile stand out and impress hiring companies.

  • Start with your CV

Is your CV complete? Very often the first thing our hiring managers look at is your CV. So make sure it includes all relevant experience. Besides your responsibilities in previous jobs, it is also advisable to write specifically about what you have achieved in your work or list small achievements.

  • Add your diplomas and certificates

Do you have an EFZ in retail trade? Or have you recently completed an online course for bartending? Whatever additional skills you have, it is important that companies know about them.

In the Account section, you can upload your certificates and diplomas under 'View profile' and 'Certificates and diplomas'. You can also attach files to each section of your digital CV. These will be visible to hiring managers when they view your profile.

  • Upload photos

In the app, you have the possibility to upload more than just a profile picture. For example, you can also add a formal full body photo in uniform.

  • Add your language skills

Parlez-vous français? Do you speak English? If you can speak another language, it is important that you state this! You can add your written and oral language skills via the 'Language' section in your profile.

  • Upload your driving licence

Sometimes companies are looking for Cooplers who can drive. You can also upload your driving licence via your profile.

  • Write a few words about yourself

The 'About me' section is an opportunity to attract hiring managers and sell your skills. Be enthusiastic and tell companies what you are passionate about. "Five years' experience in the hospitality industry with a passion for excellent customer service" sounds better than "five years' experience in the hospitality industry".

That's it! Of course, you also need to make sure you've uploaded your documents so we can verify your identity, right to work and payment details. But basically, the more you add to your profile, the better your chances of getting hired. Good luck!

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