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How can I launch an appeal after getting a strike or account suspension?
How can I launch an appeal after getting a strike or account suspension?

If you disagree with our decision to add strikes after a shift cancellation or to suspend your account, please launch an appeal.

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The Coople team will add strikes to your account in line with our strike policy. After you get your 3rd strike, we'll suspend your account. We will also suspend your account if you do a no-show (not turning up for work without notice) and during the investigation of gross misconduct allegations.

If you think we need to evaluate your case and reconsider our decision, please launch an appeal. You have five days to launch an appeal from the moment you receive a strike or have your account suspended. A member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible to review your case.

How to launch an appeal:

  1. Open the Coople Jobs App.

  2. Tap on Account.

  3. If you have at least one strike, it will be visible right at the top of your screen below your name.

  4. Tap on the strike section for more detailed information.

  5. Tap on Appeal.

  6. Start a conversation with one of our team members. They will send you a link where you can fill in your appeal.

Explain your reasons

Please be prepared to provide reasons and present supporting evidence to help us re-evaluate your case. For example:

What happens next?

Our team will carefully consider the circumstances that motivated our decision. Once we've made a decision, you'll receive an email with the results of your appeal. Please be patient, these things take time. We want to give everyone a fair opportunity.

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