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Coople’s zero tolerance policy for gross misconduct
Coople’s zero tolerance policy for gross misconduct

Gross misconduct is a serious matter. We will investigate any allegations whilst protecting everyone involved in the process.

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Coople wants to create a workplace culture that upholds our mission: making flexible work a rewarding experience for everyone.

We have a zero tolerance policy towards behaviours that can damage yourself or other people working with you. We will immediately suspend your account if you breach our policy.

Coople’s zero tolerance policy

We will suspend your account if you display one of the following behaviours that fall under gross misconduct.

  • Action intended to defraud/deceive, including falsifying attendance records.

  • Using any physical violence towards any member of your team and customers

  • Verbal abuse towards anyone

  • Racial abuse and discriminatory language

  • Any form of harassment or bullying

  • Damaging or stealing from the company’s workplace or from your colleagues

  • Obtaining or using non-prescription drugs, including alcohol, without your supervisors’ permission if you’re working in the hospitality or events sectors

  • Breaching H&S and security procedures

Other reasons why we will suspend your account

  • Getting three strikes, in line with our cancellation policy

  • Not turning up to your shift without giving notice (no-show)

  • Leaving mid-shift without letting anyone know

  • Consistent lateness

The examples above are for clarity, this list is not intended to be exhaustive.

Launching an appeal

If you think we need to reconsider your case, please launch an appeal. Provide as much evidence as possible. We will review your case in detail to make sure we make a fair decision that protects everyone involved: yourself, Coople, our customers and team members.

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