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Termination of an employment contract—what do I have to know?
Termination of an employment contract—what do I have to know?

Find out which rules apply if you need to terminate a running contract.

Written by Julie Freeman
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Although we hope that this is rarely the case, it’s possible that an employment contract needs to be terminated prematurely. In this case, the following rules apply: 

Notice periods  

Your employment contract generally ends with the expiry of the agreed duration or with your last shift. However, a contract can be terminated in writing—both by us and by you—by observing the applicable notice periods.

If you have been working for a company for less than three months, the contract must be terminated at least 3 working days before the termination date (in order to comply with the notice period of 2 full working days). However, please always try to contact us as soon as you can with plenty of time in advance.

The following notice periods apply:

  • during the first 3 months: 2 full working days (receipt of the termination request 3 working days before the termination date) 

  • from the 4th to (and including) the 6th month: 7 days (calendar days)

  • from the 7th month: 1 month, on the same day of the following month

During the notice period, you are still entitled to the contractually agreed salary — regardless of whether or not the hiring company asks you to come to work.

Procedure in the event of termination of a contract

If you wish to terminate a long-term work contract (i.e., a contract which is longer than 1 month), including all shifts involved, please contact us in good time via email at or via the chat in the Help Centre.

We will process all notices as soon as possible within the following opening hours: 

Monday to Saturday, 8 am–⁠4 pm

Please note that a notice sent to us will only be accepted as received within the above-mentioned opening hours. No notices will be processed on Sundays and public holidays or after 4 pm on working days.

Termination without notice

If there is a serious reason, Coople can terminate the employment contract without notice.


Cancellation of individual shifts and short-term jobs

Please cancel individual shifts and jobs of short duration (less than 1 month), e.g., due to illness or other unexpected reasons, directly via the Coople Jobs app.

Make sure to check our strike system beforehand. When cancelling shifts, you may be in breach of your employment contract and you may receive strikes, which can lead to your profile being suspended.

If you have any further questions on the subject of “cancellations”, please get in touch with our support team.

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