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How can I create a professional company profile to attract Cooplers?
How can I create a professional company profile to attract Cooplers?

Showcase your company to potential candidates by creating an appealing profile.

Written by Julie Freeman
Updated over a week ago

Why do I need to fill in my company profile?

Introducing your company to workers is the first major step of a successful hiring process. It helps them form a first impression of your workplace culture and values before applying for a job.

Our research has shown that candidates consider a prospective company's work environment to be the most important aspect when deciding to apply for a job, right after the salary and distance.

For this reason, we recommend that you take some time to build your brand identity, complete all parts of your profile, and make sure to showcase your company in the best light. While optional, a good profile can make or break a worker’s decision to apply for a job.

Your company profile on Coople is visible to all workers on our platform once you have published a job. It includes an “about us” description, an image gallery, and links to your social networks.

How to fill in your company profile

To edit your company profile via our web platform:

  1. Click on your icon and name in the top-right corner.

  2. In the drop-down which appears, click on “Settings”.

  3. You will now see your “Company profile” screen where you can edit each section.

The ability to edit your company profile is not yet available in the Coople for Business app and may be added at a later time.

The following parts of your company profile are visible to workers:

  • Company name

  • Stars and number of ratings

  • Logo

  • Company information

  • Image gallery

  • Social networks

Your contact details (phone number, email, website, address) are hidden and only visible to you.

Here is what your company profile looks like from a Coopler’s perspective:

1. Company information

Introduce yourself by sharing a detailed description of your company. It’s a great way to attract new applicants, so make sure to put some effort into writing an introduction.

Some information to consider:

  • your company’s background

  • your mission and values

  • your work environment and culture

  • offered benefits

  • any other relevant details that highlight what makes you unique and attractive as a hiring company

The more relevant information you provide, the better your chances of attracting talented workers.

Did you know? Our automated job description tool also takes your public company information into account when creating drafts for your jobs. To use this innovative feature, we recommend keeping your profile complete and up-to-date.

2. Company image gallery

Your image gallery is another great way to showcase your company culture and give candidates an impression of their potential workplace.

You can upload up to 5 pictures. We recommend using high-quality, lively images.

3. Social networks

Give workers the opportunity to learn more about your company by adding links to your social networks including Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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