We recommend you add documents to your profile that demonstrate your education, language skills and professional licenses.

When you apply for a job, it’s likely that hiring managers will review your documents. At times where competition is high, your qualifications can help you stand out from the crowd and get hired.

Coople also needs to see evidence of your experience and education to approve your job profiles.

Upload your professional documents

  1. Open the Coople Jobs App

  2. Tap on Profile

  3. Tap on Documents

  4. Select the document type you want to upload

  5. Take a photograph of your document or upload a copy from your phone or cloud system

Examples of relevant documents

Here are some examples of documents that you can upload. Please add any others that you think will make you a strong candidate for a variety of roles.

  • Diplomas: show your education and professional training.

  • Driving licenses: some jobs require a driving license. Make sure you add it to your documents.

  • Certificates: from language certificates to emergency first aid and mixology, we have a wide range of certificates you can upload.

Remember to also upload documents we need to see to be able to connect you to flexible work.

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