All you have to do is click ‘Create Job’ to be taken to the job creation page. Start by typing in the title of your job. If you have created templates before, you will automatically be suggested templates that match the title of your job.

Job description

Give your job a name. It’s a good idea to try and make the job stand out as much as possible, if for example it’s at a prestigious restaurant, or a well-known venue, be sure to mention it in the job name field!

When it comes to the description, this is where you can manage expectations for the workers. If possible, try and clearly define their role and the responsibilities they will have whilst on the shift.

It’s also mandatory to add a contact person. This should be the person best placed to answer any questions the workers may have about this specific job.

Dress code

With our clothing selector, you can define exactly what workers will need to wear whilst on shift. Start by selecting ‘Create Uniform’ then use the clothing items box to choose the items you require in order to create a complete uniform.

If your job doesn’t require specific clothes, you can select ‘Casual’, ‘Smart casual’ or ‘Smart office wear’ depending on the nature of the job.

No matter what selection you make, it will be saved to this job as a template, so you only have to set the dress code once.

Additional information

It’s important to specify any additional information the workers should know about. Our job creator makes doing that quick and easy. Try to be as descriptive as possible when it comes to health and safety, and when it comes to letting workers know about access restrictions and the facilities that will be available to them, simply tick the box.


To make sure you get the right people for your job, you will have to add one or more job profiles to your job. Job profiles specify the skills needed in a role. Some job profiles have multiple experience level which is usually associated with different minimum wages. Individual Cooplers can add these job roles to their profile as well as their experience level.

If you require other skills from your worker such as language skills or a drivers license you can add those by selecting the buttons in the 'More options' section.

....and Salary

The hourly wage box will automatically display a wage based on the role and the experience level you choose, but you can adapt it by using the plus and minus icons

We also display an hourly cost which will change if you adapt the hourly wage. The hourly cost is your total cost per hour for hiring an individual Coopler.

Although it's entirely your choice, if you have an urgent job, we recommend paying more per hour than usual to give you a better chance of attracting applications.

If your job requires an allowance such as for meals or travel cost you can add that via a click on the 'Allowances' button and select whether it should be paid per hour, shift or for the whole job. 


Next you will have to create shifts for your job. Just select the days on which you need workers. You can then adjust the hours, the break and say how many people you need for a specific shift.


To ensure your workers know where to go, you will have to add an address to your job. Additionally, you can also specify a meeting point. So for example, if you are requesting workers for a music festival, you could put 'Meet us at the booth with the pink beach flags' in this textbox.

Invite applicants

If you want to invite individual workers to your job, all you have to do is click on 'Invite specific workers.

Once you click on it you’ll get a list of the Cooplers who match your job requirements. Then it’s just a case of adding the Cooplers you want to send the job request to by selecting them individually.

Alternatively, you can send your job request to your favourite Cooplers by selecting ‘My Favourites’ from the 'invite group' drop-down menu.

That's it, you're ready to publish your job!

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