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I have a foreign nationality and would like to work via Coople. What do I have to consider?
I have a foreign nationality and would like to work via Coople. What do I have to consider?

If you have a foreign nationality and want to work via Coople, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

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When you work via Coople, we become your legal employer. This means that we pay your wages, take care of your social security contributions, and much more. That’s why it is important that you enter all important information such as a valid permit, your identity card (ID) or passport, your bank details, your OASI number, etc. in your profile right at the beginning of the registration process.

With the Coople Jobs App you can search and apply for jobs, confirm your working hours and keep your profile up to date. The app is essential if you would like to work via Coople. By the way, you can also register with Coople with a foreign phone number without any problems.

We need this personal data to be able to place you in work:

When registering, please also select the type of permit and the purpose of your stay. You can find this information on your work/residence permit card.

Image source: State Secretariat for Migration SEM

We also need a photo of your passport or identity card and a photo of all pages of your work/residence permit. All documents must be valid. Expired documents are removed from the system.

As a staff leasing company, Coople (Schweiz) AG is bound by the Swiss regulations on foreign nationals and staff leasing. *Unfortunately, Coople is currently not able to accept all types of work permits and cannot help you change your current permit or apply for a new one.

Am I liable to withholding tax?

Persons living in Switzerland who do not have a C permit or Swiss nationality are liable to withholding tax. This does not apply to persons whose spouse has a C permit or Swiss citizenship. Persons living abroad with a permit or a Swiss passport who work in Switzerland are also liable to withholding tax. The rate for withholding tax depends on the canton and can be obtained from the cantonal tax administrations.

If you are liable to withholding tax, please enter the following details in your Coople profile and keep them up to date:

  • Address

  • Nationality

  • (Work) Permit

  • Denomination (religious affiliation)

  • Marital status: Please note that only civil marriage ceremonies are considered married.

    • Other (religious) ceremonies are not considered married

  • If you are married, we need information about your spouse and their professional situation.

  • Number of children: if you are liable for child maintenance, we need information about your children.

Based on your personal and family details, your withholding tax rate is determined, and the resulting withholding tax amount is deducted from your salary.

How am I insured when working via Coople?

When you work via Coople, you pay contributions for the following insurances, regardless of your nationality: Old-age and survivors' insurance (AHV/OASI), Unemployment insurance (ALV), Occupational benefit plan (BVG), Non-occupational accident insurance (NBU) and Daily sickness benefit insurance (KTG). This means that if you meet all the requirements, you are insured in the event of a claim or benefit.

*According to art. 21 of the Employment Agency Act, we as an employment agency may only employ foreign nationals if they are authorised to work and entitled to change jobs without registration.

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